About Commercial Insurance

Running a business is never easy as there are many different types of risks involved that goes along with it.  Even well-established businesses are not without any risks.  No matter the type of business you have or are involved in, the risk of financial losses are always looming on the...
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About Commercial Insurance

Your Treasure Map

Money Saving Tips :

Unclaimed Property

I recently saw a story on unclaimed property that was being held by the state. The Unclaimed Property office in Florida maintains a website (like many states) to reunite unclaimed property and money with their rightful owners. These items can be utility deposits, dormant accounts at financial institutions, and miscellaneous items from safe deposit boxes.

Budget Leaks

By far, this is one of the biggest areas I see where improvements can be made when I am working with people on their finances. If you are not currently using a monthly, written budget, you really owe it to yourself to use the forms provided on the Resources Page and read You, Inc. These two links will assist you with finding money by identifying areas where spending is out of control and areas where you can eliminate convenience spending all together. A budget, when properly done, will tell your money where to go – not where it went. I continue to save money based on previous actions I took on Health Care Expenses, and Food.

Sell Stuff

Yes, I know – this sounds simple and it is. The problem is that after a year or so of selling your stuff, you need to do it again. With the recent drop of the price of gold I decided to look again around my house to see if there was any gold or silver that I had missed last year when I was trying to find money. The few items I found were worth over $1,000 for my scrap gold. Seriously, it was not that much jewelry, actually thought it would be worth about $200 – $300, not $1,000! We also when through other items in our home and found children’s clothes, toys, furniture and hobby supplies to sell that brought in another $500. Gold Selling Tip: I do have a warning, be sure to get quotes from 2-3 stores before selling your gold. I received two lower offers before settling on the last offer I received. The lowest offer was $60 less than what I accepted.

Save Your Entire Paycheck

If you are paid biweekly or even every week you have the opportunity to save an entire paycheck twice each year.
It Happens
It Happens
If you are on one of these pay plans then, twice a year, you receive...
Now before you learn the hard way, there is one problem, the timing of the three...
Solve It
Solve It
You have already proven that you can live ten months out of the year on...

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