Important Money Saving Tip

I read an article recently titled “The Most Important Money Saving Tip.” The tip provided in the article was to “cut monthly expenses by thinking long-term.” After sharing this article with others, I was contacted and asked to provide another important money-saving tip.

I immediately knew another important, but related, money-saving tip: You must have a GOAL! As Zig Ziglar said , “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.”goal

Each day we are faced with many immediate goals. These come in many forms including hunger, tiredness, money, and health.

  • To satisfy the goal of not being hungry, you eat.
  • To satisfy the goal of not being tired, you get sleep
  • To satisfy the goal of getting paid, you go to work.
  • To satisfy the goal of being healthy, you eat healthy and exercise.

Most of these goals are decided for you without you taking any action. However, the further we are removed from survival, the more goals we must develop on our own.

What vs. Why

When it comes to finances, too often we know what to do, when what is really needed is a motivating reason for why to do it. Knowing what to do is not enough – you need a goal. A goal will be there to remind you why you are choosing to spend less than you earn. Your goal may be to retire, buy a car, buy a home, or to increase your S.A.F.E.  Regardless of what your goal is, you must have a goal so you have a reason not to buy the iWhatever, the cruise “everyone” is going on, or that “trip of a lifetime.”

Your Decision

You will either choose to make a goal or not. If you choose a goal, you will either reach it or not. Life is full of choices that will result in either a desired goal or an undesired goal – either way your choices will determine if you reach your goal. Yes, there will be obstacles in your path, but how you respond to those obstacles will determine whether you reach you goal or not.

Remember, “… we will also be truly effective only when we begin with the end in mind.” ~Stephen R. Covey

What is your decision? What is you financial goal?