Top 3 Personal Finance Articles

Here are the top 3 personal finance articles from the past week, as selected by your clicks on these articles.


  1. $234,900 To Raise A Child?  by Trey (me) at One Solution For Me
    • As the father of a 10 month old daughter & with baby #2 expected to arrive this February, a recent article headline about the cost to raise a child caught my attention.
  2. The Single Most Important Money Saving Tip  by PT Money
    • Yet for all the great tips and tricks I discover, there is still a single personal finance strategy that I apply to nearly every decision that I make: …
  3. Survival Techniques for the Barely Insured  by Fox Business
    • If you’re anything like me, you’re barely insured. I don’t work for a company that offers benefits and so I’ve had to shop for individual insurance. Setting aside what a headache that was, I’ve ended up with catastrophic insurance.

Is there an article you liked this week that didn’t make the list? Add your favorite below.

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