Top 3 Articles This Week

Here are the top 3 personal finance articles from the past week, as selected by your clicks on these articles.


  1. Will Your Fancy Degree Help You Solve This? by Dan at 48 Days
    • Roland S. Barth, lecturer of education at the Harvard College School of Education, noted recently, “It’s been estimated that fifty years ago high school students graduated knowing perhaps 75 percent of what they needed to know in the workplace.
  2. 3 Signs You Are Burning Moneyby Trey (me) at One Solution For Me
    • During my time as an US Navy firefighter I learned different techniques to determine if there was a fire present before entering the room. Since most rooms on a ship are airtight and windowless, there was no easy way to see smoke or the fire.
  3. 14 Things You Should Always Buy Usedby Money Talks News
    • We recently shared a list of 20 things you should never buy used. Because it’s often true: You get what you pay for. When it comes to safety, hygiene, and warranties, there’s no substitute for buying some things new. But for the most part, you can save a lot of money without sacrificing quality by purchasing many things used.

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